Hi, I'm Zack Breakiron!

My job is pretty cool. I love finding creative ways to promote our clients and building relationships with local Pittsburgh businesses. By creating original, valuable content that addresses consumers’ needs and questions in creative and strategic ways, any business can build an online following that generates recurring sales and loyal customers. Plus, post great content that your target market will enjoy, be educated by, or will engage with.As content creation becomes a part of everyone’s job, work isn’t happening in silos and content production and visual storytelling is becoming a prerequisite for communicating effectively everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom to the chat room.

Uniontown Contactor BUILDWITHDAC ™
Video Production
Platinum Salon & Spa Video - Appalachian Trends
Rizz's , a restaurant in the heart of Uniontown, Pa.
Clover Video Chapter 1 - Who is Ford Business Machines
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