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Uniontown HP Print Business - BLS Technologies

Zack Breakiron
1 subscriber
Print is a crucial part of business operations today, even in a mostly digital world. Although the need for
quality printers, toner, and ink hasn't faded, many businesses don't realize they can save time and money
and protect their data by outsourcing print services. Print security is often an afterthought for many
businesses that fail to realize its importance - more than 58"' of companies have reported a printer related
loss of data In the past year.1
Brothers Lazer Service (BLS) Technologies can help you track and manage your printers, toners, ink, and
the security you need to protect your investment. BLS Technologies can help your business:
Upgrade or invest in the right printers for your needs
Manage use and replenishment of print supplies
Secure and protect your print fleet and network

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